Sunday, March 3, 2019 Bishop Clayton Endecott General Presbyter for Europe, Overseer of Belarus Gena Kernazhytski and Minister Sam Chen of the UK as well as visiting pastors from other movements, watched with rejoicing as Bishop Petr Szlaur Overseer of the Czech Republic received Pastor Mariusz Cieśliński and wife Agnieszka into the church. Pastor Mariusz then gave the church covenant to his congregation and we celebrated communion as one body. Czestochowa is a city in southern Poland, population of 240,000, with very little evangelical witness. CoGoP joins with other churches, evangelical, the Church of God and the Assemblies of God in a united effort to reach the city for Christ. Pray for evangelism, discipleship and church planting in this wonderful central European country where we have many contacts and opportunities.


We are a part of the world wide movement Church of God of Prophecy, with international offices in Cleveland, TN, USA. This site if from the office of the General Presbyter, Bishop Clayton Endecott for Europe, CIS and the Middle East. He serves with Elders and all the Overseers, Mission workers and pastors of this area. We do not support political views nor militant actions, but pray for all leaders and our calling is to reach the lost, heal and help the sick, train leaders and support families, youth and children toward a Godly life style.


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