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United Kingdom


To be a prayer movement focusing on encouraging every born again believer to unite in upgrading their prayer tool boxes through teaching. We seek to promote and facilitate prayer, intercession and fasting and that prayer becomes a lifestyle in order to bring spiritual renewal and transformation in our families, churches, communities and nation.


Loving submission to God is worship. This is essentially a spiritual, inner state, which has external acts as a consequence.

Each congregation meets regularly for corporate worship, and individuals are encouraged to make time for worship with the family and by themselves alone with God.


All that we have is God-given; we are stewards of the time, talents, money and resources with which God has entrusted us.

In love for both God and others we are responsible to ensure that we use them for the good of all.

We actively promote the ministry of giving in terms of tithes, offerings, and volunteer time.

Social Action

Our love for people means loving the whole person. We are therefore as interested in the social well being of our ‘neighbour’, as in the saving of the soul.

To this end, our congregations engage in a variety of social endeavours.


Our love for fellow human beings inspires in us a strong desire to see them fully restored to life in God through Jesus Christ.

We are therefore committed to the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by all means available to us.

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